Monday, May 31, 2010

The Dog Yard

Almost forgot to put up a finish shot of the dog yard.  There is a small doggie door behind the Avocado tree in the upper left of the yard.  It is next to the house, directly behind the recovering Silk Floss Tree.  The Silk Floss will be coming out soon.  Other than learning to stretch a chainlink fence, which was not bad after I bought the proper tools to do it, the only other issue was no section was level.  On the sides I went with the incline.  On the long side, I wanted the fence level with the wall, so I have to use some garden edge blocks to hold the built up soil on the inside of the yard.

Well, its technically not quite finished still.  I have to cut off the tops of those t-post I used for the intermediate post.   And I'll spray paint them to match the color of the green fencing of course, but those are minor details and will have to wait until after the height of the spring/early summer gardening season is past.

Note - Also in the picture is my Rio Red Grapefruit, towards the outside of the fence on the left side.  In the center is a clump of Canna native to South Florida along with a Washingtonia filibusta palm.  On the far right inside the fence, not really noticeable is a recovering Variegated Lemon.   Outside the fence on the far right is another Washingtonia filibusta and a Tung Oil tree.  At the outer right edge of the photo is a clump of Bordelon bananas and at their base you can see the small Mamou tree (Erythrina herbacea).

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